When in Rome: 5 Travel Tips to Take Heart

Many people dream about coming to Rome. Its well-known history, ancient attractions, and Mediterranean cuisine make it a famous go-to destination for travelers. The “Eternal City” welcomes its patrons in any season. Guests can enjoy the historic center and get lost on the winding cobblestone streets at any time of the year – just make sure you’re prepped with a pair of comfortable shoes.

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Here are tips when going around Rome:


  1. Carry cash whenever, wherever. Hold on to your euros as Rome functions on a cash basis. Coins or spicci are precious commodities in town. They are especially useful when you dine in small cafes and restaurants.
  2. Get your coffee directly from the bar. If you’d like to avoid extra charges on your coffee, order your cup of espresso directly at the bar. Coffees served at a table incur service charges. Place your order from the cashier, take your receipt, and go to the bar to get your coffee.
  3. Limit cappuccino to your breakfast routine. Did you know that ordering a cappuccino in the afternoon is considered one of Italy’s food crimes? Milk is considered heavy on the stomach, so Italians consume it specifically during breakfast. If you’re a cappuccino enthusiast and would like a caffeine fix in the afternoon, go for a cafe macchiato instead.
  4. Tipping is greatly appreciated. Yes, the service charge is included in the bill, but leaving a few extra spicci is appreciated. It’s not part of the Italian culture, but consider it as a more personal way of showing gratitude to staff attending to your needs.
  5. Be mindful of your belongings. Crime is always around the corner, even in safe cities like Rome. We highly encourage travelers to watch their bags all the time, especially while riding public transportations and exploring tourist attractions. Rome has a large population of both locals and visitors and the metropolis can get easily packed. This makes pickpocketing rampant. Keep your bags zipped and place them in front of you. Avoid placing wallets on your back pocket too.


In Rome, everything can take you to a surprise. If it’s not its iconic sights and magnificent architectures, one can discover hidden treasures and dainty shops in every corner. Locals are hospitable and friendly. You wouldn’t shy away from asking for help or starting a conversation; They will be glad to tell you their favorite spots in town.