5 Things to Love About Living in Rome

Rome, Italy takes a special place in many people’s hearts, especially to those who have lived and experienced all its splendid glory. It’s a no-brainer: There are many things to love about Rome. Its scenic spots, ancient history, pristine arts and architectures, and of course, the famous Italian cuisine all give birth to its popularity across the globe.


1. Rome is a living magic on its own. Its historical attractions are testaments to its grandeur: Ancient buildings and iconic spots that stay true to its rich past and interesting future. Being able to see the historic center every day to relish in all its wonders is one of the many benefits of living in Rome. Living on a location where some of the world’s major historical events took place surely accounts to something.

2. Aside from the historic landscapes, the seas and mountains are also your neighbors when living in Rome. Whenever you want to take a swim or go for a hike, you can spend your weekend on Tuscany and Umbria that are less than 2 hours away from home.

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Julius Ceasar3. Taking a sip of the wonderful Italian coffee is part of the dream, but enjoying them while being fascinated by the splendor of Rome is another. You can bask in a dainty cafe downtown and be mesmerized by the archaic buildings, cute shops, and other people fascinated by their Roman experience.

4. The Italian dishes are well-loved all over the world. They are famous for its simplicity that packs a punch of nutritious and delicious ingredients. One of the best things living in Rome is that you get great food all the time. Your tummy is always filled with fresh and sumptuous Italian meals.

5. Rome is big on the fashion scene. It is home to many of the world’s iconic fashions. You can shop in many centers, from small secret fashion hubs that offer cheap vintage clothing to more sophisticated shopping venues that offer luxurious picks.

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