6 Tips When Discovering Rome

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Take lots of snaps while visiting the Eternal City. Good quality pictures can help boost your social media presence too. Here are some pieces of advice to make your experience in Rome more fun and memorable:


  • Learn basic greetings. Greeting shop owners as you enter and leave the premise is part of their customs. Don’t forget to say your greetings like “Buongiorno” for the morning until noon and “Buonasera” for afternoon and evening. When you leave, say “Arrivederci”. The locals would appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • Dress appropriately for church. Rome, being the home of the Vatican church, has been a globally renowned center for religion. It has more than 900 churches that depicts some of the city’s prestigious works of art. Although you are welcome to enter these holy sanctuaries (whether or not you’re a Roman Catholic), make sure you are dressed appropriately. Men must wear pants while women must wear long outfits with sleeves. The Romans are particular with their religious culture and tradition, so it’s best to follow these dress codes to avoid raised eyebrows from the crowd.
  • Visit museums on the first Sunday of the month. If you’re thinking about heading to art fairs, museums, and parks, make sure to drop by during the first Sunday of the month. State-owned attractions are free on these days. Lines may be a bit longer than usual, so try going there earlier.
  • Drinking often precedes dining. People meet at around 7 in the evening for an aperitivo, a get-together ritual among colleagues and friends that involves drinking and light snacks. Dinner usually happens afterwards at 8 or 9. So it’s not unusual for the Romans to arrive at restaurants at 10 or so.
  • Get your Vatican museum tickets online. The Vatican museum is a very popular tourist destination. It caters to more than 5 million visitors every year. If you wish to skip long waiting lines to relish the world’s famous Vatican artifacts and collections, you can do so by securing your ticket online.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. The adorable cobblestone streets are one of Rome’s photographic attributes. Taking pictures and walking around their charming roads make the experience worthwhile, but wearing the wrong shoes can easily take the fun out. If you’re strolling around town, wear comfortable shoes to avoid pain and injury. Heels and stilettos may be daring, but they’ll give you a hard and painful time walking around the cobblestone grooves.