5 Picture-Perfect Locations in Rome

Rome is filled with pristine architectures and iconic landscapes that are sitting prettily, waiting to be captured. Its deep ancient roots and history with a Mediterranean touch make it an exciting subject for photographers.

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Whether you’re a photo junkie or a social media influencer, these picture-perfect locations can turn heads, share likes, and get you followers on your platform:


  • The Vatican Museum Spiral Staircase. The Vatican museum’s double helix staircase gives great aesthetics up close and on camera. You may need a wider lens to capture this enchanting scenery though.

  • The Trevi Fountain. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rome, this spot attracts lots of visitors daily. In fact, you can expect a huge crowd even during the odd times of the day. But we can’t blame these people for marching on the world’s eye candy. Be sure your wide lens is ready to capture the entirety of this landscape too.


  • The View from Top of St. Peter’s Copula. Climbing 551 steps won’t matter once you get to see the breathtaking view from the top of St. Peter’s Copula. It’s best to capture the scenery early in the morning as the natural soft lighting makes it more stunning.



  • The Pantheon. This ancient temple is one of Rome’s most famous buildings. Many people flock the area to witness and capture this iconic photo spot. Take a picture of this mesmerizing architecture during the night where its vicinity is lit to perfection.


  • The Colosseum. Nobody leaves Rome without a trip to the Colosseum. This place is the real deal. It is the true Roman icon. Immerse on the beauty that unfolds before your eyes. Take great snaps of the Colosseum during sunrise.

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